Nr. 47 2018

Being an adult is exhausting. The 20 year old Eveline already feels that. Just recently she moved out of her parent's home and into the apartment building no 47 in Berne. To live your own life means to take responsibility, listen to yourself, make decisions. How should you know how to do that, just like that?

The Kids from 47A 1973

The Kids from 47A is a British children's television series produced by ATV Network about four children whose widowed mother is taken into hospital, leaving them to cope on their own. The eldest—office worker Jess Gathercole—becomes the family matriarch, making every effort to keep her schoolchild sister and brothers at home with her. At the start of the second series, the Gathercole mother has died and Jess is only able to keep the family together after battling with social services, who continue to keep a watchful eye. Three series were made; the first was shown in 1973, the second and third in 1974. The third series ends with Jess getting married. A one-off episode was broadcast on 31 August 1975. Episode writers included Lynda La Plante and Phil Redmond. The series directors were Alan Coleman, Richard Bramall and Jonathan Wright-Miller. Jess was played by Christine McKenna, her bookish sister Binny by Gaynor Hodgson and her brothers—football-mad Willy and primary schoolboy George—by Nigel Greaves and Russell Lewis, respectively. Other parts were played by Lloyd Lamble and Joan Newell.